Selasa, 25 November 2008


•A compound produced when the hydrogen ion from an acid is replaced by a metal ion or an ammonium ion.
•Consist of cations (positive ion) originating from bases that combine with the anions (negative ions) originating from acids.
•The reaction between an acid and a base produces salt.

Uses of salts
•Ammonium phosphate is used as fertiliser.
•Copper (ll) sulphate and iron (ll) sulphate are used as pesticides to kill pests.
•Silver bromide is used to make film and photography paper.
•Calcium sulphate is used as plaster to support broken bones
•Potassium manganate(Vll) is used as antiseptic on wounds.
•Barium sulphate is taken by patients going for X-rays.
•Sodium bicarbonate (sodium hydrogen carbonate) is used to raise dough for bread and cakes.
•Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is used for food flavouring.
•Sodium chloride, NaCl, and sodium nitrite is used te preserve food such as fish and prawns.
•Chilli sauce and tomato sauce contain sodium benzoate as preservative.

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